Things you MUST do to make your event app work

Posted on July 10, 2014

Luckily for everybody (and especially attendees), event apps are becoming a standard. We can support this view with customer interviews and a growing number of interest in a variety of features in Confrenz apps. More tech-oriented conferences have already acknowledged the fact that the modern attendee requires a mobile app. Period.


After all, they have all their calendars, to-dos or games in their pocket. So why would you deny them the right to have your conference’s agenda there as well (under your brand, by the way)?

Frustratingly, far too many event organizers still become disappointed with the performance of event apps at their conferences. The image of a nice-to-have but easily neglected tool is unfortunately only strengthened by the fact that event app adoption has yet to be as widespread as it should be. Is it because mobile apps indeed underperform because they are not needed? The answer is: absolutely NOT.

What event app buyers tend to forget (amidst thousands of tasks they have while organizing events) is that even the best app is just a tool. Without the human factor, it will be useless and your money will get squandered.

Here are a few things that you simply must do to make this investment work:

Email: you need to send out an email a few weeks before the event to all attendees to let them know about the tool. It should include download links and information about the functions in a nice graphic form. Emphasize that this is going to be the main channel for pre-event updates, communication and the source for e.g. presentations. Still, lots of attendees need to be educated on the benefits they can get. But don’t worry – they’ll be grateful for making it all easier.

Use social media: invaluable channel for all information. We don’t need to say that info and updates about the app should be all over your Facebook, Twitter and other SM accounts, do we? It’s also nice to run promotional contests with cool gifts for attendees who sign up in the app.

Send push notifications: an app launched early on is a perfect tool to communicate. Remind your attendees about new guest speakers, new partners and cool things waiting for them on the venue. Spice things up a little and provide them some useful reading materials and let them know they’re there.

Be the leader: let everyone know that you really rely on the app, and so should they. Upload presentations, send out alerts and updates, ask multiple times during the event to use the app. There are loads of interactive features, like in-app surveys and live voting polls, that can make your event truly interactive. But you have lead your attendees and don’t be afraid – they will follow!

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