Event apps: popular features in 2016

Posted on August 23, 2016

When you develop an event app platform, you constantly modify and build features that your clients are asking for. Then every few months, you’re able to tell which functions the organizers and attendees love. It is important to pinpoint that, as capabilities that are well-matched with market demand are important factors in your overall sales and marketing strategies.

So, what are the hot event app features this year?

  • Live comment & voting polls screening

It’s not a new idea, but its adoption has risen over 100% in comparison with event apps we sold in 2015. The reason is that attendees have gotten used to sharing their thoughts with their mobiles during live presentations, and oftentimes, they require the feature be in place.

Have a tight schedule, but Q&A is a must? What better way than to select the most popular questions from the whole discussion stream?

As for voting, it helps your audience indicate mass opinions on industry-related matters raised by your speakers, and it’s also a good deal of fun visually, too!

  • Personalized agenda display & push notifications

Does you event features multiple tracks, or sessions/works that people previously sign up for individually? If so, the problem has always been that the app user was forced to go through a lot of session screens in order to view or create their own agenda for the event.

To avoid this, you can display personally selected content through the app for each individual user. Even if your conference consists of hundreds of separate sessions, each attendee will only see the information relevant to them.

An additional advantage here is that this allows you to also segment your push notifications to reach out to your audiences with personalized and applicable messages.

  • In-app event gallery

Increasingly more events succumb to the idea that people love to share their moments with others. A gallery, where people can post their photos taken in the app, or just pasted from their phone photo rolls, significantly helps drive engagement and is a great way to add some more relaxed vibe to your event.

Your own photo stream is also a great thank-you message after the event, where the most liked photos can be sent out to every attendee.

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